Article on Krist’s father & the recent capture of Radovan Karadzic

Writer David Rolland from the San Diego CityBeat has written an article entitled “Memories of War” relating to the recent capture of ex-Serbian leader Radovan Karadzic, who until his capture recently was one of the most wanted war-criminals in the world.  David had interviewed Krist’s father (Krist Sr.) in Krist’s home country of Croatia back in 1995, and in the articles reflects on the interview he had with Krist Sr.

To read more, view the article here also has an interview with Krist Sr. in the archives, you can view that here.

Krist reflects on Seattle WTO protests, 9/11 and their affect on civil liberties

In his latest blog post, Krist reflects on the anarchist pamphlet You Can’t Blow Up A Social Relationship published in 1979 that notes violence and social disobedience only invites authorities to constrict civil liberties.  In the pamphlet it is evident that meaningful work, through association & peaceful collaboration is a greater tool for social/cultural change than violence.  Specifically, Krist identifies and elaborates on two events that exemplify the teachings from the pamphlet:  the 1999 Seattle WTO protests and 9/11.

To read more, visit Krist’s blog entry here

For more information about Krist’s musical & political involvement in the WTO protests, you can visit The No WTO Combo page.

Krist comments on the recent capture of ex-Serbian leader Radovan Karadzic

Krist has added a entry to his weekly blog at The Seattle Weekly discussing the recent capture of one of the world’s most wanted war criminals, ex-Serbian leader Radovan Karadzic.  Karadzic commited unspeakable acts of violence in areas of Serbia during the 1990’s.  Serbia was formerly part of Yugoslavia.  Also formerly part of Yugoslavia is Croatia which is where Krist’s family immigrated from.  Krist also lived in Croatia for a brief period of time during the 1980’s.  In his blog entry, he discusses how his experiences living and visiting Croatia has shaped his world view.

To read more, visit Krist’s blog entry.

Mudhoney Defined Grunge

In a recent article for The Daily Weekly, Krist expresses his congratulations to Sub Pop on their recent 20th anniversary. Sub Pop was the record label that produced Nirvana’s first album Bleach. In the article, Krist also mentions his favorite Sub Pop band is Mudhoney.

View the entire article on Krist’s blog here

Flipper plays tunes from upcoming CD

Novoselic finds roots in Flipper Flipper is no household name; the TV dolphin, maybe, but definitely not Bay Area punk band, which remained on pop’s fringes even as alt-rockers it inspired topped the charts in the ’90s.

“The grunge sound came out of Flipper,” Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic said, citing the sludgy, shambolic sounds of the band’s 1982 album “Generic” as a template.

“I know Soundgarden were big Flipper fans,” he said. “Mudhoney (singer) Mark Arm’s a big Flipper fan.”

Novoselic has actually been in Flipper since 2006 and will play bass for the influential quartet tonight at Seattle’s Funhouse and Saturday at Hell’s Kitchen in Tacoma. It’s a scenario he never could have imagined as a teen when Flipper inspired him to make music.

“I put on ‘Generic’ Flipper. I was, like, 18 years old,” Novoselic recalled. “I listened to it, and it just sounded kind of weird. Like, it was so lo-fi. It sounded like the band was live, you know. And I kind of didn’t get it.”


Flipper to release new record with Krist Novoselic

In a Seattle Weekly article, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic writes about his experience playing with iconic punk-rockers Flipper for the past two years. “In 2006 Flipper were asked by Thurston Moore to play the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in the U.K. That’s when yours truly was invited to play bass”, says Novoselic. “We followed the gig with a tour of the U.K. and Ireland opening for the Melvins. It was a lot of fun. After the tour, I wanted to keep playing with the fellows, but I didn’t have the desire to be in a nostalgia band. So we started playing new material. There was a spark of inspiration within our group”. With Krist Novoselic on board, Flipper have recorded a new album with Jack Endino, and are currently in the process of mixing. According to Krist, the product will be “a grunge record for the 21st century” and is to be released sometime this year. More here. The band is scheduled to play in Seattle and Tacoma this weekend.

New Krist Novoselic interview by Kurt Danielson (TAD)

Kurt Danielson who played, recorded and toured with TAD just did an interview with Krist Novoselic for the Seattle Music Examiner. In the interview, Krist gives us an update on his activities and some more insight into his career in music of the last few years. As you probably know, Krist joined legendary punk band Flipper a couple of years ago and will be playing shows with them again in June.

An excerpt from the article: “As a tribute to Nirvana, Flipper has been playing a cover of Scentless Apprentice, which is off of In Utero, Nirvana’s last non-compilation studio recording. It’s a bit strange for Krist to be playing a cover of a song for which he wrote the bass-line, but it’s not strange to be playing in Flipper, a band which embraces the kind of cathartic punk ethos that originally heavily influenced both Krist and Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain as well as the Nirvana sound in general.”

Read the complete article here, courtesy of the Seattle Music Examiner.