Krist in Nirvana

Nirvana changed the music industry forever back in 1991. From Nirvana, came two of the most well-known names of the grunge-era, Kurt Cobain and David Grohl. Wait a minute, wasn’t there three people in Nirvana? Oh yes, the bass player, Krist. Most Nirvana fans agree that Krist was by far the loudest of the three, but also, the least known. I’m sure some of you will say that it’s his fault because he waited so long before he became involved in music again. Well, you’re wrong, Dave’s new band, The Foo Fighters played a gig on March 3, 1995 which would be their first, but, what most of you don’t know is that Krist’s new band, Sweet 75 played a gig only 2 weeks after The Foo Fighter’s first, on March 17, 1995. The sad thing is that The Foo Fighters released a single and an album almost immediately, while Krist took a deeper dive into politics, and Sweet 75 didn’t release their first album till late 1997. What does all this have to do with Krist in Nirvana? Actually, nothing…I was just blabbering I guess.

While in Nirvana, Krist took up the more important role of being the spokes-person for the band. While Kurt and Dave were clearly the more well-known of the 3, Krist took every chance he got to step into the spotlight. Remember the MTV Awards? Krist was always there to stick up for Kurt, as demonstrated in the infamous bouncer fight at The Trees Club in Dallas. Krist would also help Kurt with just about anything. I forget who said this, but during the recordings of Nevermind and In Utero, if Kurt didn’t know how to work something, Krist would jump right in, lend a helping hand, and say “here, this is how you do it.”

Krist was also, by far, the funniest of the three. Everybody loves to hear Krist say something stupid during a concert. Dave was quoted as saying that Krist has brain spasms, which in turn, impairs Krist’s ability to make sense…ha. Nirvana concerts were great, you get to go see an awesome band play, and listen to some huge guy make an ass of himself.

A lot of people complain that Krist is going into hiding, and that he doesn’t want anything to do with Nirvana. Hmm, well that’s because he’s got better things to do then answer some of those stupid Nirvana questions. Krist is devoting countless hours of his time to keep the Nirvana L.L.C. alive, so it can bring you even more Nirvana! He spent countless hours on From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah, yet got very little credit from the media. I know it may not seem like much to some people, but atleast it shows that he still cares for the band.

I know all of you came to Krist in Nirvana to see all these cool pictures of him playing, go look in the pictures section, and you all hoped that you would learn some cool unknown information…forget it.