Interview with Tim Gabor How long have you been an artist?
Tim: I’ve been doing this for about 15 years. When did you first start doing projects for album covers?
Tim: Actually, the first “BIG-TIME” CD job was with the Foo Fighters in 1995… My background was in magazine publishing doing work for RollingStone, Esquire, and that sort. When did you and your wife first move to Seattle, and what was the reason behind the move?
Tim: We moved here in 1991 after Jaq got accepted at the University of Washington to persue a Masters degree in Painting. Actually, it’s because of Jaq that I eventually got the Foo job! Did you achieve success before moving to Seattle, or after?
Tim: My carreer was in full swing when we moved here. I was in the middle of a children’s video with Elvis Costello and John Cleese (it never hit the streets…) How did you get connected with the Seattle music scene?
Tim: We were introduced to Dave Grohl and his then wife Jennifer Youngbllood at Jaq’s thesis show (they were there to see a friend who was in the same graduating class). We all started bowling and going out together – Our friendship developed from there (they were a really fun couple!) About what year did you start going to shows and hanging out with bands?
Tim: 1995 (kinda after the whole Nirvana thing.) How and when did you meet Krist/Nirvana?
Tim: I was first introduced to Krist at Dave’s surprise birthday party… He declined my offer to race slot cars. I know you are friends with Dave, did you ever get to know Kurt?
Tim: No, unfortunately I never had a chance to meet Kurt. It was a sad day here in Seattle when he died – the whole feeling in the city was somber and really, really sad, quiet and rainy… I went to the “City Center” memorial. How many Nirvana concerts did you see?
Tim: I had a chance to see Nirvana twice. I believe I saw their last Seattle show at the City Center Arena. What do you think are your most well-known projects?
Tim: Probably Foo Fighters and The Posies “Amazing Disgrace” and the new Anthrax album “Volume 8-The Threat is Real!”… those had the broadest “mass” appeal. What are your favorite bands right now?
Tim: That’s a hard question because I’m always listening to different stuff…For example, right now, I have in my CD changer: Fountains of Wayne, Godzilla; 1954-1976, KISS “The Elder, Secret Agent File ( a compilation of spy movie themes), Nirvana; the complete radio sessions, and the soundtrack from the 50’s Sci-Fi movie “Time Machine”… You see Krist occasionally, do you ever see Dave, or keep in touch with him?
Tim: No, after David’s divorce he moved to L.A. – hated it – then moved back to his old stomping grounds in D.C.. The last time I saw Dave was at a “Foo” show in Seattle about a year ago. Are you working on any projects right now that we should look out for in the future?
Tim: I’ve just completed a video box for Krist’s new film; “L7-The Beauty Process”… It has some really cool performances by supergroup L7 shot by Krist in 8mm…I also just finished a huge project for Sports Illustrated…but that’s a different story… Do you follow Krist’s political career? Is he going to run for some office, and will you support him?
Tim: A little… He gets pretty involved! Much more than I can keep track of. I think he’ll eventually run for Mayor (I’m surprised he already hasn’t!) I think he’s got too many “Irons in the fire” right now with his new record and all… What are the best bands you’ve seen live?
Tim: Nirvana, Kiss, The Presidents of the United States, Jesus Lizard, AC/DC, Van Halen (with David Lee Roth!) and the Butthole Surfers. Did you ever party with Krist before he went clean? What was his favorite drink?
Tim: No, but I’m sure you’ve heard the same stories I have…haha! Do you, or have you played any instruments, if yes, which?
Tim: Yeah, I play the drums in a little combo we’re calling at the moment “Trophy Wife” Does Krist really own a farm, and raise goats on it?
Tim: You bet! He’s pretty pround of it (they’ve pretty much rebuilt the whole thing – there were cows living in the downstairs when they bought it!) Do you consider yourself lucky that you got to know some famous names in the music industry?
Tim: Oh yeah… but I was surprised at how the industry is so different from my all my High school dreams… About how long does it take to do an album cover?
Tim: I treat everything as an individual project… whatever it takes to get done… sometimes it’s a few hours, other times it may be months. What do you think of Courtney Love and her new life?
Tim: No comment…

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