When Krist Met Kurt

The matter of when Kurt and Krist finally met and started Nirvana has been debated for quite some time now. I will tell you right away that I do not have a definite answer. What we do know is that Kurt and Krist were playing together sometime during 1985. We also know that it took some time after Kurt gave Krist a demo tape before they finally got together. This demo tape is known as the Fecal Matter Demo. In the book Come As You Are it says that Kurt gave Krist the Fecal Matter Demo, but it took almost a year before Krist actually listened to it. If they did get together in 1985 which is most likely true, that would mean the Kurt made the Fecal Matter Demo in 1984.

Most Nirvana fans claim that it was made in 1985, which could not work if they in fact played in 1985. My theory is that they met sometime in 1983, at the time Krist was a senior in high school. Kurt’s aunt Mari clearly states that Kurt made a demo at her house in 1982 which she calls “Organized Confusion.” I would rather believe Kurt’s aunt then a Nirvana fan as to when a demo was produced.

In this never-before-seen picture in People magazine, Kurt is actually playing a bass guitar. Mari says that the photo was taken in 1982. So whoever says that someone else must’ve played bass because Kurt didn’t know how to is wrong. Kurt did know how to play bass. As a matter of fact, he played guitar, drums, and bass. So that means with the proper equipment, which Mari had at her house, he could’ve easily mixed all 3 instruments together to come up with a demo.

Kurt and Krist both hung out with Buzz Osborne during this time, so they could’ve easily met. The only person who would know the answer to this question of when they met would be Krist. And unfortunately that’s not at the top of the list of his things-to-do now.