30th anniversary of last Nirvana concert

On March 1, 1994, “Nirvana” took the stage for the last time and played the last chord of their short career.

The performance took place at “Terminal 1 Flughafen München” in Munich Germany in front of 3,050 people.

Many believe that the band’s last performance was on November 18, 1993, a performance during which the album MTV Unplugged was recorded, but this is not the case. The band went on a short tour in the United States and then continued it in Europe, with the last performance on March 1, 1994 in Munich, amid the European tour.

The last song Kurt ever played in front of an audience was “Heart-Shaped Box”. It just hurts to hear him struggle to get to the chorus’s higher notes; later, he even gave up and performs it at a lower octave.

This historic moment was immortalized and recorded, and it is Kurt’s last musical testimony in a public performance. See video below.

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