Online Chat with Krist

Krist Novoselic: Hello comrades of cyberspace.

PJfreak_1 : Since when are you interested in the
Tibet situation?

Krist Novoselic: I’ve always been interested in
freedom and liberty.

Mr_PigBodine : Krist, is there a particular song or
album that made you want to play rock’n’roll?

Krist Novoselic: KISS “Alive.”

Epipoli : Kris are you involved in along
with Brad Pitt or is that something of his own?

Krist Novoselic: I’m not aware of it.

PJfreak_1 : Have you kept yourself in relation with
Dave Grohl or with Kurt’s wife ?

Krist Novoselic: I keep in contact with both Dave
and Courtney.

Mr_PigBodine : Has the groundswell of support for
Tibet from the entertainment industry made it
harder or easier to support the Tibetan cause?

Krist Novoselic: Any kind of awareness or good
intention put toward freedom and liberty is fantastic.

Born2Lose83 : Did you ask or were you asked to
play this concert?

Krist Novoselic: I wasn’t asked to play this
concert. My band, Sweet 75, are not playing any live
shows. We are working in the studio, and don’t have
any plans for any live shows.

Pearlfan_jamfan_since_91 : Who are you
looking forward to seeing later on?

Krist Novoselic: REM.

Droogy9 : Do you truly support the Tibetan cause?

Krist Novoselic: I truly do.

Mr_PigBodine : What are you reading these days,
any good novels?

Krist Novoselic: I was reading “Wintergreen” by
Robert Michael Pyle.

Brennan73 : Do you think most of the people here
are actually in the spirit of the festival, and are
interested in Tibet, or do they just want to see a
bunch of cool bands together?

Krist Novoselic: It’s a combination of both the
most important thing any of us can do, is to put
good intentions behind our actions.

Jmhorp : Are you working on any projects other
than Sweet 75 right now?

Krist Novoselic: I’m also in a film/music project
called Sunshine Cake. We’ll be playing in Anchorage,
Alaska, at the end of July. Come up and check it

B3kka : How do you feel about China’s position in
this situation? Is Tibetan freedom feasible from an
economic standpoint?

Aims420 : Will you be at the rally tomorrow?

Krist Novoselic: Yes, I will, I look forward to it. I’m
always willing to express myself, and something I
believe in.

PJfreak_1 : Are you still in a war with Pearl Jam or
have you make peace with them like Courtney did?

Krist Novoselic: I was never at war with Pearl Jam,
as was Nirvana.

Sk8terDoll : What city do you like the most from
where you’ve played?

Krist Novoselic: I like Edinburgh, Scotland. Rome,
Italy And Sidney, Australia.

Droogy9 : How often do you go on the Internet?

Krist Novoselic: Every day.

B3kka : How do you feel about the other minorities
in China, such as the Miao and Uygur?

Krist Novoselic: I support freedom and liberty for
everybody in the world and China.

Droogy9 : Is there going to be any rare nirvana
stuff released anytime?

Krist Novoselic: Look out for the Nirvana boxed
set coming out in a couple of years.

Psykosuave : Were can I find stuff of Sweet 75.

Krist Novoselic: Hopefully, at your local record

Wilson__Lau : What are the economic risk with
protesting to China?

Krist Novoselic: Short term or long term. I’m sure
there are short term risks. But how can you put
economic risks above the ultimate ideals of freedom
and liberty.

Sile_84 : Krist, what do you think of the MFN
status that was recently granted to China again?
How can we prevent this from happening again?

Krist Novoselic: The only real effective way is to
support pro-freedom candidates running for US
Congress or State Legislators. When I say support I
mean voting for them, or a making a campaign
contribution financially, or lending your time or

Tiffie_Lou_Lou : Is there an organized group that I
can start at my school to bring awareness to my

Krist Novoselic: Yes there is Call Milarepa….talk to
your friends about freedom, be mindful in everything
you And remember to apply those good intentions
in your actions. 1-888-MILAREPA.

Cy_chotic : Are you still working on the
anti-censorship project?

Krist Novoselic: I’m always working to support the
freedom of expression, be it artistic, political, and
ultimately personal.

Brennan73 : Do you think that awareness of the
situation in Tibet will help increase awareness of
other human rights violations in the world, perhaps
especially that in East Timor?

Krist Novoselic: The intention here is to support
human rights today, liberty is an essential human

Jmhorp : Do you get tired of being referred to as
“Nirvana’s Bassist”?

Krist Novoselic: No I don’t. I’m proud to have been
a part of Nirvana. And Nirvana will always be a part
of me.

Noah44 : Chris, do you answer email about Tibet?
(privately, in the next few weeks after the show?)

Krist Novoselic: I’ve had to drop a few email
addresses because of volume. So, I respectfully
decline your offer.

_hayden_ : Have you ever thought about running
for office?

Krist Novoselic: I have. But that’s not important.
What’s important are the issues and ideas I believe
in. And the realization of those ideas are the goal.
Not any personal agenda.

Brennan73 : What do you think is the best way to
approach relations with China? Giving them some
leeway in hopes that they’ll show more concern for
human rights, or taking a more hard-line approach
and demanding that they change their policies?

Krist Novoselic: Unconditional free trade is
unacceptable. But free trade can be a valuable
carrot or stick. We just have to decide if we’re going
to use the carrot or the stick.

Ndorjee : Kris, As a Tibetan, I want to Thank you
and all others at the TFC for your support for Tibet!

Krist Novoselic: You’re very welcome.

Oasis_bird : What do you think an event like this
does for the Tibetans cause?

Krist Novoselic: Any kind of awareness of humans
being denied basic human rights is important.

Jayabolo : Krist do you support NORML?

Krist Novoselic: I support personal liberties and the
right for people to do whatever they want to their
own bodies.


Krist Novoselic: What is God?

IndiaRubber : Krist, if people we informed about
the Jewish situation in Europe years ago, do you
think they would respond like they do today, when
informed about other countries’ problems? (replies
like, “it’s none of our business”)

Krist Novoselic: That’s a tough question. The siege
of Sarajevo was broadcast into our living rooms
daily. But action came slowly.

Noah44 : Are you prepared to risk your own life for
human rights?

Krist Novoselic: I don’t know if I can answer that in
this context. Thank you Don’t fry your brains in front
of those monitors.

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